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Shamanic Counselling 

Arianne and I have worked together for over eight years and during that time she has offered me wise counsel as well as deep shamanic healing sessions. What I love most about her work is the exquisite mix of tenderness, creativity and insight she provides. Her healings help move whatever energy is ‘stuck’ as well as offer gentle guidance in the form of poetry or image that seem to be just the right talisman to help me continue the journey on my own. And her love for the work and compassion for us human beings is palpable.

Liz G.

Executive Coach

Arianne has repeatedly given me wise, intuitive and deeply connected support. Her perception is truly inspiring, amazingly relevant and has touched my soul and helped sculpt my journey on my personal spiritual path. I am eternally grateful for her care and compassion and highly recommend her from my heart, mind and soul.

L Lilley

Online Counsellor

I have witnessed Arianne as an empowered, honest, connected woman, who is deeply in touch with her own emotions and able to meet them face on. 

Supportive, present without being overbearing, AND simultaneously direct and communicative with her observations

As for holding space, I would trust her to prepare wholesomely, guide safely and meet energy with expansion and direct guidance. I would know that all would be held in sacred ceremony and honouring. 

Not only did I witness her sing from her deepest heart space, of which I melted into her outrageous offerings in a sea of tears … I witnessed her offering vulnerability and grounded guidance in her teaching. A PERFECT combination. AND her creativity in choice of hairstyles and clothing always impressed me!

Helen Noakes

Yoga Teacher, Chavutti Thirumal Teacher and Co-Founder, Yoga Health Mandala

Arianne is a true medicine keeper. Her gifts exist thru time and the threads of healing she weaves extend across the planet. Her work is trust-worthy. I have been graced with her generosity during these times of great unknown and healed in ways beyond words. It is deep, true Authentic LoVe. Embodied Grace. The jewels bestowed – by her willingness to plunge into the depths many do not dare to dive – are precious and rare in this world. I am forever changed… Thank you dear One.


Founder, Seeds of a Remembrance

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Bespoke Oils

I’ve been admiring the unfolding love story between this woman and flowers and somehow only recently discovered that Aromatherapy is a branch of her genius.

Arianne creates bespoke body oil and pulse point blends. My utterly divine parcel of perfect fragrances arrived yesterday.

Gifts for the soul 🌿🌸🌿

She also wrote and recites one of the most powerful dark goddess poems I’ve ever heard and eagerly awaiting a version to share. “What if some women are more fur than skin”.

Aisha Wolfe

Poet, Performer and Shiatsu Artist

When I take a deep breath from my oil bottle, the moment I smell it, it makes me feel like I’m in contact with my essence, with my core, and that’s it’s substantial- I feel my substance when I use your oil.

Neyire Ashworth

Musician and Interdisciplinary Artist

Without a doubt the nicest body oil I have ever used.  Arianne’s mix for me was both intriguing and soothing to my senses, soaking deep into my skin and lifting my heart.  I felt a rare level of attention, sensitivity and care in the prescription and will definitely be back for more.

Lulu Guinness

Artist & Yoga/Singing Teacher

I am delighted with the oil I have received from Arianne Sheikh. The combination of essences and perfumes combine to create rich and envigorating nourishment for my body. I specifically requested an oil which would stimulate heat and fire as the winter months approach. The resulting product exceeds expectation and on application and inhalation my breathing becomes easier and more expansive and I am able to relax.

I totally recommend this product created by Arianne.

Kshema Cooper


I’ve always been generally quite sceptical about the efficacy of complementary therapy treatments- this oil was gifted to me by my mother during a very difficult and emotionally intense period of my life and it was such a delight to receive.

The bottle it came in was very elegant and despite quite frequent and generous use the oil went quite far and lasted longer than I expected.

The aroma is incredible and feels very organic, if I closed my eyes I could strongly imagine that I was surrounded by the flowers and woods that they are derived from. Even just quickly rubbed around the neck and shoulders (my partner would do this at times in the day where I was feeling overwhelmed or emotional) I would feel immediately soothed. It really did feel like a cloud of warmth and reassurance suddenly enveloping me and would really do wonders for just physically taking my body to a calmer and more rested state- It’s so amazing that even my partner feels better just from having it on their hands afterwards.

Definitely not something to be precious about or use sparingly, I dream of having a constant supply of this to lather myself with daily and slip through life like a happy fragrant eel and I’ve definitely developed a deeper interest in aromatherapy.

Thank you so much for the oil! It truly has been a saving grace and I already have friends in bristol wanting to buy some for themselves.


Tattoo Artist

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Photos & Cards

Arianne’s photographs are complete, vibrant worlds, homoeopathic visual poems and instant changers of state. Prescription: Linger on one for ten breaths each day. 

Will Hewett

Artist and International Safety Architect

Awakening us to the majesty of petal and fern, Arianne’s photographs are like love letters to the natural world. Fresh, vibrant, sensual and reverent, she awakens something in all of us through her seeing. 

Eleanor Buchan

Actor, Artist & Workshop Facilitator

Arianne’s images are medicine for the soul when nothing else makes sense. I have found myself reawakening to what really matters by slowly breathing in the beauty of her work. Simply captured and lovingly offered, Arianne is clearly on a mission to enliven us all by reacquainting us with what was there all along.

Jill McMillan

Leadership Development Consultant & Artist

Arianne’s images seem to capture the magic of nature at the moment of its first awakening. These images breathe gratitude and love for our world. Exactly what we need right now.

Victoria Baumgartner

Storyteller and Director of Will & Co

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