Bespoke Body Oils


50ml / 100ml

It has always felt good to me to honour the body with nourishing products that are clean and come from sources that are respectful to the planet in their harvesting. I started creating luxury, healing oils blends, for clients and friends, and their feedback, as well as many years of holistic Aromatherapy practice and experience, has manifested a way of meeting these needs through personalised recipes.

All my ingredients are organic, ethically sourced and of the highest quality. These blends are liquid magic in a bottle - food for spirit, skin and senses. Please inquire via email to have a Bespoke Body Oil made to order.

I’ve chosen a flat rate for First Class postage on UK orders so that all your deliveries arrive swiftly and can be tracked.
All orders are tastefully packaged so can be gift delivered and please enquire via email for Gift Cards.

*Prices vary slightly according to the choices of precious Essential Oils used.
If unsure what to go for email me to discuss.


How it works

*If you’re unsure which product to choose then email me to discuss your requirements first.


Purchase the product.


I will contact you to discuss your order.


Your bespoke product is prepared and posted.


You receive your personalised product.