Calling Rest Poem

Calling Rest

Deep Rest
Oh soft-winged easeful caress
Here me call you
From the first womb, from the Abyss.
Enfold me in your muted balm
And dream me
Behind the lids of timeless dark.
I yearn to be surrendered
Into the glossy mutableness
Of the untethered state.
Sweet mother of the liminal
Each rhythmic breath of you a key
Into veiled kingdoms.
Hear my prayer for safe passage
Into the Birthright of Sleep.
Lend me succour, the night-full cradle
Of your milky-way Other-
Hera, nurse the frightened child in me
Whose hungry ghosts she clenches
Such tiny fists against.
Coo like a Nightjar, Nightingale.
Cooing gently down those defences
As she opens her hands-
In the cup of your milk-warm palms.

– Arianne Sheikh
(Inspired by a class with Tracee Stanley)

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