Prescriptions for Wonder

Merging Shamanic Healing, Self-Exploration, Creativity and Plant Medicines to ignite artful living, encourage expansion and cultivate wellbeing.

My Specialisations

Prescriptions for Wonder has been cultivated over decades of maturing a strong Shamanic practice alongside deep experience of Bodywork, Dance, Yoga, Meditation, Ceremony, Somatics, Aromatherapy, Archetypal Mythology, Flower Essence Therapy, EFT Tapping and Art. I offer an insightful healing weave to work with ailments of the soul which may be impacting on one’s physical, emotional and/or spiritual well-being.


If you’re feeling stuck, lacking in vitality, or perhaps feeling disempowered at present, I can offer meaningful ways to recapture lost lifeforce, inspiration and inner resilience. If you’re suffering chronic patterns which aren’t serving your life, I can offer insights around the root of the matter and access creative and supportive ways to move forward.

I work effectively by distance at present, with clients all over the world, and offer an initial free 30 minute consultation to see if the work is a good fit for you. Please email your queries or to book a session.

Aromatherapy Arts

Essential Oils embody a high frequency medicine. They act on many levels, meeting a plethora of physical and emotional needs. The olfactory journeys they provide are capable of encouraging us into risen, relaxed and inspired states of wellbeing. A perfection of beauty and purpose rolled into my magical, healing blends.

Shamanic Practices

Shamanic Arts have been practiced by all cultures since time immemorial. It involves a practitioner stepping into ritual and altered states of consciousness to seek out healing or answers to questions sought by a client or member of the community. 

Meditation, Movement and Somatics

I’ve been exploring Movement Meditations, Yoga, Breathwork and various forms of Massage and Bodywork for over 20 years. I’m ever learning from the continual wellspring of guidance from our wise and generous bodies.

‘The journey of healing can lead one into profound depths of self-knowing, thriving, creativity and self-compassion. One aching and beautiful step at a time. Let’s walk it together.’ – Arianne


Arianne is a remarkably intuitive, highly sensitive, Healer and Artist. She interweaves a diverse array of therapeutic modalities into a golden web of transformative offering. She is a poet soul steeped in the insistence of bearing witness to the Truth of the miraculous within each individual. Unflinching in her depth dives between shadow and light territories of the mythical archetypal mind, Arianne is singular in her gift for seeing patterns and meaning within the greater scope of life’s tapestry. She grew up in Africa and carries the wild and untethered within; an unbridled sense of humour and heart-full generosity.

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“What I love most about her work is the exquisite mix of tenderness, creativity and insight she provides”

Liz G

Bespoke Oils

I am putting my blood-hound nose, intuition and passion for Aromatherapy to creative use! If you have a need for greater self care I am offering bespoke blends tailored to suit your particular needs. All oils are organic and ethically sourced, ritually blended, and are a love-child of having practiced Healing Touch and Aromatherapy Massage for 15 years. If you’re experiencing stress, insomnia, anxiety, lethargy, lack of concentration; you name it and there’s a blend to support you.

Visit the online shop for a range of oils and postcard prints.

“Arianne and I have worked together for over eight years and during that time she has offered me wise counsel as well as deep shamanic healing sessions. What I love most about her work is the exquisite mix of tenderness, creativity and insight she provides. Her healings help move whatever energy is ‘stuck’ as well as offer gentle guidance in the form of poetry or image that seem to be just the right talisman to help me continue the journey on my own. And her love for the work and compassion for us human beings is palpable.”

– Liz G. executive coach

“Arianne has repeatedly given me wise, intuitive and deeply connected support. Her perception is truly inspiring, amazingly relevant and has touched my soul and helped sculpt my journey on my personal spiritual path. I am eternally grateful for her care and compassion and highly recommend her from my heart, mind and soul.”

– L Lilley, Online Counsellor

“Arianne is a true medicine keeper. Her gifts exist thru time and the threads of healing she weaves extend across the planet. Her work is trust-worthy. I have been graced with her generosity during these times of great unknown and healed in ways beyond words. It is deep, true Authentic LoVe. Embodied Grace. The jewels bestowed - by her willingness to plunge into the depths many do not dare to dive - are precious and rare in this world. I am forever changed...Thank you dear One. ”

– Alexa ~ Founder of Seeds of a Remembrance

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